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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer School is going great!

A Great Summer So Far!
Fun with mirrors!
That's how I look?
Well my jet lag is slowly going away. It has been over a week since I've been back from my trip and I'm still on London time. Maybe next week I'll be back to normal. Then there is band camp!

Summer I is going great. Both classes are doing fine and are learning too. That always makes me fell good. In the summer, classes go by so fast, which can be a good change from the Fall or Spring semesters. Teaching the same class every day allows me to focus on that class instead of changing the mindset for my MWF and T/TH classes. I'm still trying to be like GTO, the best teacher ever!

It is getting hot in East Texas. I'm still running. After my trip, I'm trying to get my legs back. Running the usual two miles isn't a problem right now, when it gets really hot, we'll see. Once I can run ten miles in a row, looked out!

I still plan to write about my trip to London and Paris. It is still too fresh in my mind to write objectively, so I'll wait a few more days to write that post.

Also, the weekly podcast that I co-host has had it's first anniversary. 53 shows in a row. Wow. If you haven't heard it, check it out. It is fun to listen to even if you don't like technology.

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