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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Free Catfish during Band Camp!

The Greatest Day at Band Camp!
Free Catfish at the Cafeteria!
I am so happy, love my catfish!!!!!!!
I have been teaching band camp for many years and this is the first time that I got to eat catfish in the cafeteria! Man I am so happy, finally some free catfish at band camp. What a great day it was! Everyone saw how happy I was.

The last two weeks of band camp were great. All of the band campers enjoyed learning about music technology. Most of them were able to print out songs or make a CD of the music they composed.

As always, they all want to stay to make more music, they had to go because I have another class coming after their class is over. The good thing is that I show them how to download the open source software so they can make music when they go home.

At open mike this week I decided to make another music video of the "I'm a Nerd" song. This time, the country and western version. A special thanks to Tom and Jeremy for helping me out with the background. I hope you like this version and my hat.

I have been busy writing. Working on The Timetorians II script is going great. I can't wait to film it during Summer II. It will rock! If you haven't seen The Timetorians, check it out. It is the greatest indie Sci-Fi movie ever made, by me.

This week I got to go see one of the plays from the Summer Repertory with a friend. It was great! I love the downstage plays because they take a lot of chances and you will never see them made into movies or television shows. They are so far from a Hollywood story, that's what makes them great. I can wait to see the rest of the plays this summer.

Before I went to London and Paris, I finished my second full length play. It took me nine months to write and it would be about two plus hours to watch. It is a great play and I hope to have it produced one day. I do realize that most people aren't willing to read seventy plus pages of a play.

Think I only have to write another thirty-five plays to equal the number that Shakespeare wrote. Perhaps the name Herbert and Shakespeare with be spoken in the same breathe one day. Only time will tell.

For the last few weeks I have worked on another short one act play that would be a great downstage play. It is about ten minutes long which is about six pages long and you would never see this plot in a Hollywood movie or on TV. I hope you like it. And I hope to maybe film this one this summer. That way if you are not into reading you can watch it. If you are not into reading, why are you reading my blog?

God Hates Cigarette Butts
One Act Play

Link to my other plays

I'm a Nerd (Country Version) Music Video

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