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Sunday, May 21, 2006

U.K. Trip (Part 3)

U.K. trip 5-20-06

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The Imperial War Museum was great. I got to see so many war and military equipment and gear. There were a lot of tanks and airplanes. There was also the only remaining V2 rocket as well. Of course I took photos in front of them. So many exhibits were there too. And they range from the Great War, to World War II to the Cold War as well as a lot of smaller British wars. A whole exhibit on D-Day was great to see. One very touching exhibit was on how the German bombing affected children and families. There was a mock out house and many items showing the terror they went through. The hardest exhibit was the Holocaust one. This one I didn’t feel right filming or taking photos in, and all I can say it was moving.

After the Imperial War Museum I walked over to an internet café to update the blog and send some emails. Then I walked to the Tube and saw the big Ferris wheel or the London Eye, and decided to walk to it. About thirty minutes later I was there and I had a great view of the Thames and Big Ben. And I got to hear Big Ben chime! I walked around Big Ben then I took the Tube back to the hotel.

I was hungry so I walked the streets looking for some veggies to eat. There is only so many days in a row I can eat fish and chips! I went into a TGIF’S and sat down. No service plus no good veggies equals me walking out. Then after a few more minutes I found an all you can eat Chinese Buffet for five pounds. So I sat outside to eat my meal.

Another full day. I was able to give out a few Cds to some folks that were kind to me. They were thrilled! I hope they play my music and movie for all of their friends!!!!

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