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Saturday, May 20, 2006

U.K. Trip (Part 2)

U.K. trip 5-18-06

I went to the BCC today and I got to see where Red Dwarf was filmed. I told them all about The Timetorians. And I won a BBC mug and pen. I got to hold Kryten’s head! The BCC tours was great. I got to see the largest new center in the world. The BCC is over 13 acres big and it has one of the largest studios. I know for sure that one Red Dwarf was shot there because the cat walk looked the same as it did in the series. Security was tight, which I could understand. It was like going into an airport security only faster.

Right now I’m by the Abby Road Studio sitting at the bus stop typing this. To think that the Beatles walk these very streets is amazing to me. It makes me want to write some more songs. There was some dude dancing around in front of the Abby Road Studio for a while. He finding left, I guess he is trying to channel the Beatles or something.

Also London has so many different peoples of the world here. As I walk around, I hear many different languages. The people that I talk to here that are locals, don’t like all of the immigrants in London.

I walked around Abby Road to see a part of London that is outside the tourist areas. Out here I found my way to a cheap eating-place and bought a chicken sandwich. As I was eating two kids heard my accent and asked if I was from the States. One of them was a drummer and thought it was cool that I taught Rock History.

I took the bus back and got to talk to some folks from Italy that are working in London. It was great to make it back to the hotel. After I played guitar, I walked around for a while, then came back to get some rest. It rained a bit. It seems to rain a lot here in London.

U.K. trip 5-19-06

Today was going to be the culture day for me. I understand the Tube better now, so I can find my way around London. Right now the Tube is easier to understand than the bus for me.

I took the Tube to get close to the British Museum and followed the sign that said it was this way for six minutes? Pointing and saying it is that way for a minute. How fast of a walker are you? Does that matter? So this form of measurement doesn’t help me at all. And guess way, I got lost. I did find a Britain that pointed me into the correct direction and she said the signs were “rubbish” in London.

Well I found the British Museum. Across the street there was a coin shop that also sold some Egyptian artifacts. I asked about this in the British Museum and one worker said that there is so many artifacts from Egypt, that it is the only country that doesn’t want their artifacts back from the British Museum.

I walked in the British Museum and I am amazed by all of the history before my eyes. Greek, Roman, Egyptian and countless other artifacts were all around me. It was fine to take photos and to tape inside so I did. I got a photo in front of the Rosetta Stone. Wow!
The Reading Room was amazing to me, because I love books and I was hoping to see a copy of the Gutenberg Bible. I was told that the Gutenberg Bible was moved to the British Library, so that was my next stop.

I took the tube to get a bit closer to the British Library. I walked in and went to the room that held both a Gutenberg Bible and the Magna Carte. So I got to see both. There was a sign that asked not to take photos, so I couldn’t get a photo in front of the Gutenberg Bible and the Magna Carte. I did get to see them and be within inches of them. There was also a Beatles area where a few song lyrics written in John Lennon’s hand were on display. Wow!

After the British Library, I took the Tube to the Waterloo station to get a EuroStar pass to Paris. So I’ll get to go to Paris for a few days next week.

Then I walked to the Imperial War Museum. It was closed, so I’ll go back when it is open. It is free, I like free.

A short ride back on the Tube and I was at the Hotel getting some Fish and Chips, once again. When in Rome, you know. After playing guitar, I walked around in the rain then came back to the Hotel to write this blog.

U.K. trip 5-20-06
I'm in an internet cafe outside the Imperial War Museum. It was great to see all of the exhibits. I’ll write more later.

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