Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spies Like Us

This photo has been lost for 40 years.
The Soviet Spy and Me when
I was 009 back in the 1960's.
A long time ago I was a British Double-Aught Spy. The Cold War was going on and The Beatles rocked the Colonies across the pond. It was a fun and busy time for me, 009. I had to do all of this super secret spy stuff all the time that I still can't talk about.

Sure I got to attend all of these galas and fancy dinners with the leaders of the world and charm all those that I had to get super secret spy stuff out of.

Other spies would also try to get information out of me. "Do you expect me to talk?" I said this line at least once a week during the 60's. A few times it ended with lasers and explosions but I digress.

As time went by, the Cold War ended and so did my career as a British Double-Aught Spy. So I came to the Colonies to live out my golden days reminiscing about all my former achievements.

But man I looked great in my Tux. I still do today. So if you need a former British Double-Aught Spy to do super secret spy stuff or if you need someone to wear a British Double-Aught Spy Tux to an event, let me know. I bet the Soviet spy might be looking for work too.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic, 009! I need you to do some super secret spy stuff for me: find out if Rita's will open back up soon...and don't let any hot chicks get in the way.


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