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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Greatest TV Show and Magic Show

The Whatever Gang
I can't believe it has been three years since I was on "Whatever". It was a great time when we all got together to do a show. We filmed about 200 episodes during our time on the air.

I was digging through my hard drive and I found full version of two shows. So I put it on google video. The great thing is that now people will have at least two episodes of the "Whatever" tv show. Since it is on google, I'm sure it will always be on the internet. It makes me feel great that time won't forget "Whatever".

I also found a Magic show that I did make in 1997. You make notice that I look a bit different now. I remember that I had a great time learning all of those magic tricks. The last one still looks good to this day. I was happy that my grandparents got to see me do my magic. I didn't tell them what was on the tape, so when they watched it, they were surprised. The video quality is bad, I'll try to find the video tape and encoded it again someday.

Whatever TV Show 6-24-2002

The Magic Show (Staring Herbert Midgley) 1997

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