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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another Song

Me thinking about writing the greatest song.

Sometimes I get in the song writing mode. I had a friend tell me that today that I write stories. That's so true. This is what I tell people about my music. If you are downloading my song hoping to hear the greatest singer, you are in for a disappointment! If you want to hear me singing my heart and soul out, then you are in for a musical treat.

Some folks ask how I write a song. At times I write just to write. Other times I write when it hits me and at that point I stop everything. This happen tonight while I was practicing guitar. I had to stop practicing and sit down and write this song. So as I post this, I wrote the song two hours ago, recorded it and post it on the web for you to download. The internet is great!

I hope you like this song. Listen to the words and not to my singing abilities. Believe me if I was friends with Daryl Hall and he would sing what I wrote at 2 o'clock in the morning, you would be downloading him singing my song. Since that is happening tonight, you will have to listen me singing my song.

I Like You a lot, Girl 3.7 mp3

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