Thursday, September 01, 2005

More Whatever

I just finished my second Rock CD. The title is "More Whatever". Most of the songs are on my blog, but now you can get them all on one CD. 27 songs, one hour and 13 minutes of Herbert singing and playing guitar. On this CD, most of the songs are me with a guitar. Again, most of the songs were recorded a few minutes after I finished writing the song. I do have two metal songs, a punk song, an electronic song, a blues song,a few full band songs and a remix of "I'm a Nerd".

I hope that all my fans will dig my new songs. Over the last year, my singing is stronger. All of my open mike night singing has played off! I feel that I'm a better song writer, I didn't hold back anything in my song writing. I can't wait for next year's CD!!!

If you know me, I bet you'll get a CD real soon. I plan to have a CD release party at the next open mike night. I'll play three of my favorite songs from the CD. It's hard to pick only three! I hope to get a night to play an hour's worth of songs from the CD something this month.

The first few days of school is going great! I hope that this semester will be the best ever. My classes are great, I have some great people taking my classes. There are so many that are looking forward to learn. That makes me happy and my life easier.

On a side note, my good friend Jess is up from New Orleans. It took him twelve hours to drive up in what normally takes six hours. He got in Nac on Sunday and he is not sure when he can go back. He is safe, but I know that so many are not. My thoughts are on all of the folks that have had their lives disrupted by hurricane Katrina. When I see the footage on CNN, I am blown away! I still can't believe what I am seeing. I hope that we can all pull together to help these folks in their time of need.

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Nick Reynolds said...

Herb, I love track 17 off the new album. It rocks hard.

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