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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Americana Fest, CD and Life

I can play the dulcimer!
I had a great time last week at the Americana Fest in Nac. I got to see the "Old 97's" rock Nacogdoches! They played all my favorite songs and I was front row!

I also attend the workshops at the Americana Fest. One was on songwriting and another one was on how to play the dulcimer. The workshop had extra ones to loan out, so I got one to use. I had my "I'm a Nerd" shirt on and the old guy that running the session said "the nerd is getting it." I told him later that I played guitar and I have a pretty good ear too. During the next few months I'm going to get a dulcimer. They are about eighty bucks, so if I am a good boy, I'll buy myself one for Christmas.

The More Whatever CD is doing great. I have given out about sixty CDs, I had to make a second run. On my front page of www.herbertmidgley.com, I have my paypal links up to buy them.

My life is going great! My classes are awesome! My friends rock too! And I have met some really cool folks in the last week that I bet will be great friends in the future. Only time will tell.

BTW if you want to get your More Whatever CD, I am going to allow all my fans and listeners to "The Return of Whatever" podcast get my mp3 download version for free over the next week. I hope you will like my songs and if any one wants to make a bit torrent and post it, that would be cool. I want the world to hear my "I'm a Nerd" song. With your help, I can do that!

Here is the link:

user name: herb

password: nerd

The online version to download
The Real CD shipped and signed.

I also what to remember all the folks that died four years ago. I'll never forget and I'll always will remember. People died because others hated that we lived different than they did and could not leave us alone.

We are not perfect but there isn't another place that I would want to live in. This is the greatest country in the world and I feel that I'm so blessed to live here.

And I hope that one day, the world will grow out of it's infancy and work to better humanity. One day it will.

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