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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Another Song that rocks!!!

I love catfish!
It has been a another great week. I had a great time at playing an open mike on campus. A lot of new students got to hear the "I'm a Nerd" song for the first time. They can tell their grandkids one day of this experience.

At Rita's, I rock the house as always. I feel so happy to have some great friends at the open mike night. I look forward to see my friends and hear them perform. Even if I couldn't play, I would still go. It is so great to hear the soul of rock and rock at an open mike night. Sure not everyone can sing great, but everyone that goes up and sings loves music, and I can dig that. It rocks!

I have started another album. Here is the first song that I have recorded for my next year's CD. "Why Do You Care?", I hope you dig it. Look for a few more music videos when I get some more time. I may also get some folks to videotape one of my plays. Also, make sure you listen to the weekly tech podcast that I co-host. Return of Whatever.

Thats to all the folks that downloaded my More Whatever CD. I am glad that you dug it. Wait until next year!

And remember to keep it real. I always do.

Why Do You Care?
Return of Whatever

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