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Monday, August 08, 2005

Garage Sale, Open Mike and Podcast

Me and my broken junk I'm trying to sell

I join my friend Jim and his family for a garage sale. I had alot of junk that I didn't need any more. I had a VCR that didn't work that I was trying to sell for two dollars. I slashed the price down to 10 cents and still no one bought it! I guess it wasn't a good enough deal. Oh well, it went to the Women's Shelter along with most of my junk that didn't sell. I make 19 bucks. It was 24 bucks, but the B/W tv didn't work when the person I sold it to got home, so I made only 19. The next time I'm in Vegas, I'll put it all on black on the roulette table and see if I can double my money.

I recorded the open mike last Thursday at Rita's on my Pocket PC. The quality isn't great but if you have never heard me play live, here is your chance. You can hear that I rock the house down to the ground! I still don't know why I'm not as famous as William Hung is.

Kicking it in Nacogdoches

If I Only Knew
I'm a Nerd

The podcast that I co-host is going great. Hundreds of folks around the world listen it. It is on the iTunes podcast section or you can go to the website and download it. All the boys are back together for this podcast!!!!

The Return of Whatever

Return of Whatever Podcast 10b (8-7-05) 13 megs mp3


Nick Reynolds said...

Wow, the built-in mic on that Pocket PC sounds pretty good as built-in mics go. Good show.

Travis Hafer said...

Your cool herbert! Your stuff is always great. I wanna be just like you



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