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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Birthday Week! Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!
It is my Birthday today. This has been another great year. I love my job. What I don't get paid in money, I get paid when my students learn something. I also learn a get deal from my students, it gives me hope when I talk to a student and they are smarter than me. It means that when I'm long gone, the world will go on.

I have gotten better at singing at the open mike nights. It is great to get a pop at open mike night when everyone wants to hear the "I'm a Nerd" song. I also have a ton of songs to put on my next CD, which I'll release later this month.

My friends are great. I am so lucky to have some of the best friends ever. Some are near and I see every day. Some are far and I talk to on the cell or through email. The blog is the best way for my distance friends to see what I'm up to. Some folks wonder why I take so many photos of me, well I have a ton of friends that love to see me! And since I don't have people around me to take my photo, I have take them myself!

The podcast that Amit, Dan and me do is so much fun. It reminds me of when I co-hosted the "Whatever" TV show. I miss that show, but the podcast is a blast and a whole lot more folks listen to the Return of Whatever.

This year I am also in the best shape of my life. As time goes by, you either get better or not. I can honestly say that I'm getting better. Not only in shape, but as a human being too. Words of advice: treat others as you would want them to treat you. I try my best to live by these words, they make life go by a lot more easier.

Peace out,

Here is a song that wrote today.
Find Out How 1.8 megs Mp3


Nick Reynolds said...

Happy birthday Herb!!! I did not know your birthday was a day after mine... Well, I guess we'll see you at Rita's tonight....

Keep it real.

Tiff said...

Ahh Herb I have been out of town and busy with starting school. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!



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