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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Piano, Podcast, Fans and I'm a Nerd

I am playing piano.Wow!
Another cool podcast this time with Herb and Dan. I hope you like it!

Return of Whatever Podcast 9 (7-31-05) mp3 14 megs
The Return of Whatever

I'm a Nerd song

I had great week. I am so happy for all the fans of my work and podcast. Thanks for all of the emails of support. I still have thousands of people download my "I'm a Nerd" song. I believe I have had over 40,000 downloads so far! Wow!!

This summer I am taking piano lessons again. I can really read hymns fast now. It would be great to be a concert pianist, that takes a lot of time. I use to practice four hours a day on piano, and I still never got there.

I can play piano, better than most and I have to remember that a lot of folks would love to be able to play piano half as good as I can. The same goes for piano.

This summer I have been working out and I can run a good mile. I wisk I had time to run more, but one good mile is enough for me right now. The folks that can run 26 miles at one time, you rock!

I still rock at open mike night. If you are in Nac, check me out.


Tiff said...

You Rock!!!

Nick Reynolds said...

i can barly play piano at all. I'm more of a guitarist, hah.



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