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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Summer I, Trooper Test footage & The Buzz

It is Summer I and my class is going great so far. The class sold out, as has my class for Summer II. It is good to have a class that people have to take, I guess. Every elementary teacher has to take MHL 350. The MHL 350 class is fun to teach, so I don't mind teaching it so much. The summer is going so far so good. Let's wait for band camp next week!

I have been riding my bike a lot. I even drove it to work. It takes about five minutes to drive to work in my car and find a parking place. It takes about five minutes to ride my bike to work too. I have also been jogging more this summer. I hope to get up to two miles without breaking a sweat.

I have heard a lot of live music during the last few weeks. I have seen Social Bliss a lot and as always, they rock the house. I'm still playing Open Mike Nite at Rita's, so every Thursday, drop by to hear my nerd song. I still get house when I play it. Cool!

This Friday, the troopers all got together to shoot some test footage for the trooper fan film. TK560 did a great job shooting and editing this clip. About and hour and half for seven seconds of footage, but man it looks great! I can't believe how many cops drove by at five in the afternoon. I guess they wanted to see a show. They were cool and one said that he was a fan of Star Wars. There were a lot of folks that stopped and looked at the us too. We also had to wait for a few runners to run by as we shot the test footage. That is what happens when you have no budget. But wait until you see the footage! Click on the link now!!!! We also made the Buzz for the Star Wars opening night trooping we all did. I made it on the local news and a local magazine. I'm cool. Now if I could only get on Letterman. One day.

Trooper Test Footage I

I am the short trooper up front. I guess I'm not that short.

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