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Friday, May 27, 2005

You Dissed Me Video

It was a quiet week. I hanged out with my family and rested up. Summer I is around the corner. I have to get ready for my next 350 class.

"You Dissed Me" is one of my favorite songs. The melody isn't that great, the chord are simple but I love this song. It is a song that I can scream my guts out and let my emotion flow. When I perform it live, it is so raw and in the Music Video I did the same thing. I have had a cough for the last few days and it was the first time that I sung this day. You can hear it in the first line I sing. Raw and real, that is the way I love to perform. In the video I put a light on me and dressed in black. I think it looks great. Better then a lot of videos that I have seen in the last few years. And my budget is zero. Cool, when you have no money to make a video you have to be creative. Image if I had the food budget for Star Wars, how great would have Death Stairs been. But it is an internet classic all ready. Don't forget The Shadow Man.

I also added an MP3 of the Star Wars version of "I'm a Nerd". For the few people that wanted this version for you iPod, here you go.

You Dissed Me

I'm a Nerd (Star Wars Version) Mp3

Don't Diss me. Ok.

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