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Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Last Stand Special Edition, Social Bliss and Podcast

It has been a busy week. I got a lot of feedback about my Star Wars fan film. Some positive and some not so positive.

The problem that most had was that both the Rebel Trooper and Stormtrooper were talking to themselves. Well it is a movie, but I guess it was too much like the SuperFriends cartoon. Whenever Superman did something, he would always stop and say why he was about to move the Earth out the way of the asteroid instead of just doing it.

So I reshot those scenes with the Rebel Trooper talking into a recording device. I also took out most of the Stormtrooper's lines. A Stormtrooper does his talking with his blaster!

Also some thought that the crawl was too fast. So I fixed that too and added a familiar opening to it was well. I took out the X-Wing at the end and put in a Y-Wing. It looks better to me. The opening shuttle I still like for right now.

I also played around with the soundtrack a bit too and took out a few frames that I didn't like after I watch the fan film a few dozen times.

So add another ten plus hours to this fan film. About forty plus hours now. And I'm not done, I plan to shoot a shot of the Rebel Trooper losing his helmet, once we make one.

I had a special treat this weekend, I got to play with Social Bliss. I ask them if I could sing "I'm a Nerd" with them. I were game and let me film it. So they sight played it for me. I dropped one line, but I think it sounds good. Social Bliss, you rock!!!!

Let know what you think about the fan film and the music video.

The Last Stand (The Special Edition)

The Last Stand (My first edit so you can compare)

Podcast 4
The Return of Whatever
Return of Whatever Podcast 4 6-26-05 64 kpbs 20 megs

Return of Whatever Podcast 4 6-26-05 32 kpbs
11 megs

Herb with Social Bliss "I'm a Nerd"

A few shots from the Special Edition

Herb with Social Bliss. Thanks guys!!!!


Anonymous said...

nice herb...

alex hunter

Anonymous said...

The SE version is much improved. I dig the comm device. Where is your RFT helmet? Title scroll seems a bit too 'wordy'.

MadCowan said...

Hey, that was a pretty nifty imovie excursion. I've done some tweaky stuff with imovie, as well, if you ever want to check out my website: www.madcowan.com.

Most of the movies there were done in imovie!




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