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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just Smile

I have been teaching Garage Band in the band camps the last few weeks.
I wrote a song and recorded it the standard folk way and then in Garage Band.

Just Smile Just me and the Guitar

Just Smile in Garage Band

Which one do you like better? Why. Post in the comments.

I also found an old Star Trek movie that I made I think 1998.
I did this all with my camcoder with no editing.
I wish I had iMovie back then, who knows what other movies I could have made?

It is pretty bad and funny at the same time.

Home Star Trek movie 1998

Compare this movie with my lastest movie.
I think that I have made some improvement.

Star Wars fan film The Last Stand

I'm still a Captain in StarFleet.
StarFleet for life!


Anonymous said...

Holy sun of a gun man, I think Just Smile (the non-GB version) might be your best. Or at least, my favorite. Wonderful intro, good lyrics, good sound - great. I most assuradly like the non-GB one better, if anything else, for the kick-ass guitar at the beginning.

Andy Phifer

Stupid Dufus said...

I concur with Mr. Phifer. My reason for not liking the GB version is the echo-ey sound your voice has in it. I'd prefer if you had left it normal, and not had some of the other instruments so loud.

Anonymous said...

Definitely one of your better songs....lyrical wise. You should write a song about storm troopers in love.



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