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Monday, April 25, 2005

The Walking Trooper

Here is the first movie with me as a 'Trooper'. Look for more in the future.

I hope you like it!

The Walking Trooper
4.8 megs

The Walking Trooper 1.7 megs

Here I am looking towards the future.


Anonymous said...

awesome movies, any one say anything to ya about the costume?

Must have caused quite a stir in Nac.


Herbert said...

I had a few cars honk at me and a few stares.

I feel ten feet talk in this suit!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a crazy cool suit! Very impressive! How long did it take to construct, and what is it made of?

J. Romack

Herbert said...

Go to www.tk560.com

Jim is the one that helped me make it.

It is made out of styrene, it is like the stuff that For Sale signs are made from.

TK560 said...

go to http://www.imperial-armor.com/videos.html for info on how the armor was made, and visit the online build journal at http://www.tk560.com/stormtrooper.html to learn more.

It took me 27 months to design and make the vac-form machine, construct the molds, and pull the suit. Heb has the very first suit made!



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