Friday, April 08, 2005

The Happening

It has been a week since the Happening. I want to thank all of those that came out to see it and a special thanks to all of those that performed. Every act rocked hard. We had poetry, modern dance, art, folk, jam and rock music. And a Hippie iMovie that I made.
I had a great time and I will do this again.

My play is going great. I can't wait until it is read. I have one more week to work on it.

This has been a great semester so far. I'm so happy that people have a postive attiude with me this semester. Sometimes this isn't the case, so I feel blessed when the semester is sailing smoothly.

Here is another song that I wrote.
That Friday Night.

There was a wrecked car on campus so I took a photo in front of it.
I think it was to show what happens when you drink and drive.


Spider-Man said...

WOW Herbert...
I gotta tell ya, I love the stuff you put out. It's so original. Keep up the great work my friend! Your's truly looks forward to every bit of it.

That car reminds me of a situation about a week ago. I came upon what used to be a little red sports car down on 5th ave. The result of another case of getting behind that wheel with one too many.

When will we learn...

Take Care,

Travis Hafer said...

COOL SONG! I love your songs your know! I read your blog often.


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