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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Play and Great Weather in East Texas

Last week was one of my best weeks ever. I had a chance to go outside, play music, run and hang out with friends as well as work on my Stormtrooper armor. I am happy that I have so many cool friends to hang out with here in East Texas.

I had my play read in class last Thursday, it went well. It sounded like I wanted it to and people laughed at my jokes. I am amazed that actors can really make my words spring to life. If I ever have a chance to one of my plays produce, it would be great to see it come to life before my eyes. When I'm done the play it should be about an hour and half long with all of the songs included. When I'm done, I'll post it for all of you. The title is "Any Open Mike Night".

This is the reason that I love East Texas.
The weather is great this time of the year.

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