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Sunday, February 13, 2005

What's For Dinner

Today I was helping Jim and his sister with there computer. They said they were hungry. I had an idea for this short movie from this. I hope you like it!
What's for Dinner?
This is a Quicktime video. It is about 2 megs to download.

Here are few photos of the hail that hit Nac Sunday night.


Spider-Man said...

Greets Herbert!
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man here. I'm taking a quick break atop Trump Tower after taking a couple of jaunts across the Big Apple. Good 'Ol Don has no idea how to lock down is WAPS!

But Anyway -

I just wanted to give you a shout and tell you how much I LOVE your 'I'M A NERD" piece! I linked you up on my blog just to share this gem! I'm addicted to this song! Every word you put together fits the webslinger to a 'T'!

Well, I'm off. Gonna head back to the apartment. But not before I grab some chinese food!

Take Care My Friend,
A Fellow Nerd,

Herbert said...


Man you are the Man! I am so honored that you dig my song! If you are ever in East Texas, let me know!




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