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Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy Christmas

To all of my friends and family, I hope that you will all have a Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year.

It only seems like last year's Christmas was only a few days ago. As time go by, the years seem to go by faster and faster.

As always, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I am glad that I have a job that I love. Being a teacher is such a major part of my life, I can't image it will out seeing the happy faces of my students.

I have some great friends. Dave, Jim, Arthur, Jess, Amit, Chewy, Chris, Abe, James, Dan and from the old days, James N. and Chuck R.

One thing that I am not thankful for is spyware. I could go the rest of my life without fixing another PC full of spyware. But I guess it is nice to be wanted and needed by those that can't fix their computers. Funny, when I only worked on Macs, I never hated working on computers, such is life. When I think about making the MIDI lab all PC, I remember this and stick with Macs. If Santa could fix spyware, I would be so happy!

Have a Merry Christmas, and don't forget why we celebrate this holiday.

As a gift to all of you I have a decided to make my first CD free to download. It is called the The Art of Time Travel. It some avant guard electronic music from back in the days when I used samplers, synths and a four-track recorder. I gave this out to a handful of friends back in 1999, so if you have one, it is a piece of history. I paid about $250 bucks for a 2x CD Burner back in 1999 so that I could make this CD. I hope that you like it.

Email me

You can pick the files one by one.
The Art of Time Travel 128kbs

To download a zipped file with all tracks at 128kbs:

The Art of Time Travel Complete 128kbs (32 megs)

The Art of Time Travel 32kbs

To download a zipped file with all tracks at 32kbs:
The Art of Time Travel Complete 32kbs (9megs)

Santa Herbert. Ho Ho Herbert.
Have a Nerdy Christmas!
Go to my Website!!!

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