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Monday, December 20, 2004

The End of the Semester/Graduation/Xmas

The end of the semester has came and went by. From now on, I am going to post my favorite class of the semester. This semester it was my guitar class. They all had a get attitude and worked hard all semester long.

My Guitar Class. They Rock!

Well Christmas is almost here. It is great to spend time with the family and hang out with friends. I should have some time to write a few more one act plays, another band composition, read and play video games.

Me at the SFA Xmas party. Free food is great!

I went to graduation on Saturday. I haven't been since I graduated with my second Master's degree in 1999, it was neat to go again. So many people. I knew at least five people walking. Some more former students that I vaguely remember. I guess that they remember me, that is cool. I some times forget that students listen to me when I teach. I often have them quote me. Wow!!!

Me and Abe, Amit and Chewy in front of Staples.
Abe and Amit walked on Saturday. Chewy walked this summer.
When you are about to walk, you have to go to Staples.

A month is too long to have off, but I will use it to do some creative work.

Me about to create some art.

Have a great holiday!!!

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