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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Cell Phone in Water, Music and Life

Well, I drop my cell phone into some water for one second, got it out and took out the battery. I dried it the best that I could. I let it sit for about six hours and tried it, and it didn't work. Man, all of my numbers are gone, which I don't have a backup of.

So when I went got home, I put it in front of a fan for about ten hours. Then I left it in my car for two hours in the sun, put in the battery and it works again.

So the next time you drop your cell into the sink, pull it out, take out the battery and dry it in front of a fan and then see if it works. There must be some type of water sensor in my cell phone that won't allow it to turn on until it is dry.

Better yet, don't drop it into water!! Which is what I have done before Thursday.

I have been write music and plays like a mad man the last few months. It is so cool to go to an open mike night and perform something I wrote the night before. I can get some feedback. When I go out, I get some house now. That is cool, some people like hearing me perform.

My classes are going well. Sometimes students tell me they like the class or that I am a great teacher, that makes me feel good. I teach not for the money, but because I love sharing my knowledge. I also learn a lot from the kiddos too.

Me at the tailgate before the football game.
I'm not the Hotdog!!!


Anonymous said...

I heard that it was a little girl in the hotdog costume. Regardless, a guy got drunk at one point and tackled it. Some old guy. I think he was arrested.


Anonymous said...

See, I wish I could figure out a way to fix my girlfriend's cell phone. Problem is: she drops it all the time! :) Like the new tunes, can't wait to hear more. Whatever happend to blues? I think it wold be great for you do use a blues grove and write lyrics to that. Thanks for being an inspiring teacher and thanks for making my education at SFA so enriching.

Justin Romack

Anonymous said...

I like the pic.
And the mental image of some drunk old guy tackling a walking hotdog is pretty darned funny.



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