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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Mexico and I'm Not Aquaman!

Well I went back to Mexico for and bought a few more trinkets and took some more pictures of me over there. I went solo this time, and my Spanish was good enough to will and deal with the locals.

While walking on the bridge to Mexico, I got a picture of me in front of some kiddos swimming across the border. There was a Border Patrol truck waiting for them, so they didn't get out of the water.

Speaking of water, I went swimming again, if you can call it swimming. I'm not Aquaman, I can't believe that he can swim so well and throw water under water. I have so much more respect for Aquaman now. I can barely swim forty feet, but Aquaman can swim forever.

Oh well, it is good that my day job is in space and not in the water.

I'm driving back tomorrow, seven hours in the car. I'm going to be tired.

Here I am in front of the kids swimming across the border.

Here I am between the US and Mexico border. It was windy today.

Here I am in Mexico!!!!

1 comment:

kaxi01 said...

Hahaha.. the Aquaman part really made me laugh.. you're really funny sometimes..



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