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Thursday, August 26, 2004

I'm too Old for MTV

I got a call today from MTV. They wanted me to appear on some new dating show.
She said she saw my 'I'm a Nerd' song and I would be great for the new show.
Then she asked me my age. "I'm 33".
"That's too old, sorry." Click.

Oh well, I'm sure it is for the best. I am sure that I would have looked bad on this type of show. But if they played my Nerd song, I would have done it.

But let's prove MTV wrong, promote my Nerd song everywhere. Email your friends and have them tell their friends. I want this song heard by everyone, even the folks at MTV.

Here is the link of the video if you haven't heard it.
I'm a Nerd Video

Here is the MP3.
I'm a Nerd MP3

Here is my website.
www.herbertmidgley.com MP3

Help me promote this song and website. We'll show MTV. Yeah!

Here I am, too old for MTV.
Mtv, you missed out!!!!

Guess What I am Doing?

y m c a

See how cool I am!!!!


Anonymous said...

ya...you're too old. In 7 years you will be 40! How's that make you feel?

Orion/Joey said...

You believe I have friends who tell me since I play with 30 somethings in various projects, that I'm hanging out with old farts? Most composers don't get recognition till into thier 50's.

Anonymous said...

I seriously anticipate that down the road MTV will give you another phone call asking to use your song. I am POSITIVE that it will happen because it is obvious that you put alot in to your music emotionally and that you have a great song. Give a bit of time, but your song will hit it!

Justin Romack

Anonymous said...

Herb...any way you slice it, you rock man!



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