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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Summer I Begins….

Well I am back in teaching mode now. I am glad that my Rock History class made, I have about thirty students in the course, which is great for a summer class. I was hoping to have about fifty, but I’ll take the thirty.

Summer is a different animal than a regular semester. It is every day for an hour and half. Which is good because you can focus on teaching only one class. But it is long at times, I try to use humor and tell a joke from time to time so break up the mood.

I am looking forward to having a few sets at Rita’s this Friday. I have about sixty CDs that I could sell. I’ll be lucky to sell three. That is cool, it is better to have too many then not enough. I am sure that I will eventually sell them all after the TechTV show. Maybe.

It should be only a few weeks before my fifteen minutes of fame on what is now G4TechTV. I can’t wait to see how many folks will visit my website. If I could get 100,000 different hits, that would rock!

I still have hopes that someone will hear the song and want to record it or put it in a movie or TV show. That would also rock!!

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