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Thursday, May 27, 2004


I got up at nine my time to say good bye to Dave. He had to go back to work. After he left, I practiced guitar then it was time for my shuttle to take me to the airport. The shuttle got a few others and then we were off to SFO.

I got to the e-ticket machine, and there was an option for an earlier flight. I couldn’t believe it so I asked an employee if I could do this. I could, but the flight left in less then an hour. I had to take my guitar to get x-rayed, and then I ran through security in a few minutes. I know what to do better now, so it doesn’t take too long now.

I got to my gate and they have just started to board the plane. I got on and I was in luck, there was only two people instead of three so, I had extra room. I watch the crummy movie then put my MP3 player on and went to sleep. A few hours later, I was in H-town.

I landed in the new section of the airport, so I had to walk far to get my luggage. I found my stuff and the shuttle to my car. I paid for my car and I was on the road. A few hours later I was back in East Texas.

Some thought about my trip. First, I am glad to be a Texan. We are friendly and try to help out folks no matter where we are at. The next thing is that I am glad to live in a small town. I hate traffic jams and traffic, the small town is great for me. There are two times a day when traffic is bad, and when I mean bad, I mean you have to wait for about two minutes. Noon and five o’clock.

Also Las Vegas is only fun if you drink and gamble. Since I don’t drink and I don’t gamble much, a Vegas trip for me is about a weekend. The Strip was cool to walk and the rich hotels and casinos were neat, but when you have seen one you have seen them all. The funny thing is that everyone that has been to Vegas told me it rocked, so I was expecting it to rock. The Star Trek Experience was great, it was and made my trip. So if you like Star Trek, fly in the morning and go see it, then fly out the red eye and go home if you don’t gamble or drink.

That is about it. I am glad to be home. We’ll see if I get any buzz from my Nerd song. If I do, cool. If I don’t, that is cool too, I can stay home and watch Star Trek. Also, I missed the internet, I was off pretty much the whole week. The internet is cool, it’s worth the forty bucks I pay for it.

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