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Friday, January 23, 2004

I played my “Nerd Song” at Open Mike Nite

I have been playing guitar for about twenty years. I have written songs and music for about fifteen years. In all of that time, I haven’t played any of my songs for folks that I didn’t know outside of being in a band.

I have been playing open mike nights for the last few months. I love to play, but in Nacogdoches, it is hard to find a paying gig. Since it takes a C – Note for me to play (that is slang for $100), I don’t play much any more.

So the open mike thing is a place I can play what I want and not worry about getting paid. I mainly play 80’s pop tunes. “Take on Me”, is the crowd favorite. I can’t really sing it, but no one cares. “Twist and Shout” is another one the crowd digs. I have to scream my lungs out to sing that one like John did.

Well, tonight I have played my first original at open mike night. It is “I’m a Nerd.” I have played it and email to a lot of friends, and it is their favorite song that I have wrote.

The lyrics are partly true about my life; others are observation of my friends (which are pretty much nerds and geeks). I guess this is why they like it, it is all true.

“Take on Me” by Ah Ha is one of my favorite songs. It is simple and stupid in some way, but I can listen to it all day long. I have always wanted to write a song like it. But it is hard.

My Nerd song is not like it, but it is from the heart. It means something to my friends and me. Maybe this is what makes a cool song. Something that means some to the person that wrote it.

I am not saying that is greatest song ever written (that would be “Hey Jude”), but I like it.

And so did the crowd. They laughed at the lyrics as I sang my heart out. And they clapped extra loud.

I’ll play it again.

If you want to hear it, click the link. Remember it is only a rough demo.

Here it is if you want to hear it.

or if you want to see the video:

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