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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Bad service

The one thing that I hate is bad service.
Here is a recent dining experience that I had.

I went in the restaurant and sat down.
About 20minutes later the waiter comes over and says,”What’s up dude?”
Can you believe that. He doesn’t have to call me Sir, but dude.
I said “ok “in my mind and told him that I wanted a glass of water with a lemon.
Another 20 minutes later he comes back to take the order.
I had a few questions. The prices were high and I wanted the best deal so I asked him how big the chicken fried steak was? He got an attitude and said,”it is a chicken fried steak.”

I had had it. So I walked out and will never go back there again.

Some ruled when you wait on me:

1) Don’t call me ‘Dude, Man, Bro, or anything else that is informal, ‘cause you don’t know me.
I don’t call you “Yo, dude” so don’t call me that either.

2) Wait on me with 5 minutes if me sitting down. I am not the King of America, but check on me ASAP.

3) Be able to answer some questions about the food. I haven’t eaten everything, so I may want to know how big something is if it isn’t a buffet.

4) Don’t be a jerk. I know that you don’t make much money as a waiter, but don’t take it out on me. It could be worst, you could have NO job. So be happy and take pride in the job that you have.

5) If you don’t follow this rules and you get no tip DON’T GET MAD.
I have warned you.

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