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What Advice I Would Give The 16 Year Me If I Could Go Back In Time

What Advice I Would Give The 16 Year Me If I Could Go Back In Time

What if time travel was possible?  Would you change the past?  Would you enjoy going back to watch history in person?  Would you travel to the future?

Let's ponder for a moment what you would tell your sixteen-year-old self.  At sixteen you could understand what your future-self was saying.   At sixteen you could remember what you have learned from living in the future.  

This is what I would tell myself.

"The future is going to be amazing!  Computers and networks are so fast that you can do things on them like watch any movie you want, read any book, listen to any song and learn anything you want with videos, photos, and text.  You will know where you are at within a few inches with GPS, anybody is only a few clicks away or a phone call away.  Oh yeah, everyone has a portable phone with them at all times!  Yep, it's true!  They have small batteries.

Keep on playing guitar, you are going to be a pretty good blues and rock player.  Also, you are going to love playing piano too, so go ahead and get a head start that.  You will not need to read or buy guitar magazines to learn songs,  they will have the TABs and videos on any song you want to learn.  That's the way you will learn how to play Boogie Woogie piano by the way.  That four-track cassette recorder you have will be obsolete, you will be able to use any computer as a full recording studio!  You don't need fifty amps, you can have them all on your computer and even your phone.  That's right, you can use your phone as a computer.  Some people don't even have computers anymore, they only use their phones.   And your phone will have 'apps' so you don't need a tuner or a metronome either.  They are right in your phone!

Also, sometimes things in the world will look bad.  Like the world is going to be over.  It won't.  Humanity goes on, no matter what happens.   You will wake up, go outside and the sun will rise.  Take a deep breath, look around and be happy that you are alive.  Living is the best gift humanity has, do not waste it!  News is twenty-four hours day, so watch only a few minutes of it a day and go outside for a bike ride.  Yeah, they still have bikes in the future.  Also, work out a lot and give up white bread and eat more roughage.  

Do you know how you love sci-fi films and television shows.  Well, no one watches TV anymore and know one watches films on VHS tape, or later DVD or Bluray, everyone watches them on computers connected to their High Definition TVs.  That's right, the resolution is four times higher and having a 50-inch television is normal and cheap.   A 50-inch TV is small in the future.  Most people don't go to the movies anymore since they can what a movie at home at any time.  But you have to go to the theater if you want to watch them in 3D.  Yeah, save your money and watch them in 2D, that 3D stuff isn't that good. 

Oh, by the way, you have over 4000 videos on the 'web' and you will use future technology to make a sci-fi feature film with robots!  That's right, in the future, anyone can make a film and be a celebrity.  I don't want to give too much away but you will be known as 'The Internet Legend' and everything you do 'does compute' and 'rock and rolls'.  Yeah I know you don't get it yet, but you will.  Oh and 2012 is like five years ago, so you can stop saying that.

The future is going to be great.  Once you get there, the next thirty years will be amazing too!  Remember to enjoy the ride!  And in the future, there will be a film series called Transformers that looks cool, but what ever you do, DON'T GO WATCH THEM!"

I know that this has happened since to this day I have never seen a Transformers movie.  Thanks, future-self!  You Rock and Compute at the same time!

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