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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Focus As Sharp As A Pencil

Focus As Sharp As A Pencil

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Focus, goals, believing in yourself are all important if you want to find success.  In life, you must follow your focus everyday, or you risk the forgetting what you want to achieve.
Today it is easy to get distracted, Your goals often fall away at your side.  Looking back years later you may wonder what if I didn't give up on my goals and dreams.

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Hard work is something that you need to achieve your goals.  Those that can work hard are paid back even if their goals are not fully realized.  Something that is inside of you must want to complete your goals, if not,  the successful completion of your goals will not breathe the air that they need to grow.

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Confidence is important.  Believing that you can achieve your dreams, your goals and finding the happiness that humanity has along for since the beginning of time, can get blurred if one is not careful to plan for success.   Success is a path to achieve what you need, however hard work is not the only path towards the success of your goals.

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Think of the adjectives that people use to describe you.  Are these the adjectives that you want to hear about yourself?  If not, it is up to you to change how the world perceives you. You can always rewrite the book if your book is not working for you.  Don't be afraid to spend the time to make a better life for yourself and the world.

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Goals are important.  Through a lot of hard work and persistence, your goals can be achieved.  Once you have achieved those goals, make new ones and make those happen too.  The goals you have for the rest of your life may be a few or so many that you can't even imagine them all!

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It does compute!

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