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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Turning H8er-Aid (hater-aid) into 'Stro For Your Indie Film

Turning H8er-Aid into 'Stro For Your Indie Film

Making any kind of art is hard.  Music, writing, acting, visual arts and filmmaking all are hard.  You get people that tell you along your journey that you can't do this or that.  That you will never work in the business or that no one cares about your art.  True for the most part.  However, you have to believe in yourself.  The way I deal with 'haters' is that they are playing the Devil's advocate.  They make you have to defend your art and craft.  If they find one opening in your armor, they will destroy your art.  So you have to be strong.  Believe in yourself when the world does not.  You have to be your art's strongest advocate.

So why are there 'haters' out there?  Is it that they can't make any art themselves so they want to crush spirit?  Is it that their own art isn't any good so they want you to give up?  Are they just want someone to argue with?

In any case, be strong.  Believe in your art.  Believe in yourself.  If you know what you are doing in the art world is amazing and no one has caught on yet, don't give up.  If they give you some feedback that will make your art better, take it.  Make it better.  Believe in what you do and don't let any 'haters' take it away from you.

Four years about I was about done with principal photography for THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS.  All of us working on the film felt it was special at the time and that we had a fun watchable film to share with the world.   I showed the rough cut to friends, people I didn't know and other filmmakers, and got feedback to make the film better.   Took the film to film festivals and got more feedback.  Worked on the film in post and finally had a film that I felt was ready to distribute.

Many folks that liked the sci-fi genre liked the film.  They were people that didn't like that genre that liked it and others that didn't.  I was told by some of the 'haters' your film will never get any distribution.  I looked at them and smiled.

See I know what I have is something that many in the art field don't have, tenacity.  I don't give up.  I have worked hard all of my life to be as creative as I could be, so I do not give up.  I don't give when it is easy.  I don't give up when it was hard.

Was it easy to get THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS on Amazon on DVD. No.  Was it easy to get THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS on Amazon Prime to stream, NO!!!!!!!

I didn't give up.  If you have an indie film, you don't give up either!  Tenacity is the answer to H8er-aid.  It will beat the 'haters' every single time!

If you haven't seen THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS, please give it a watch then write a review.  If you review my film, I'll watch yours and give it a review too.

It does compute!  Share THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS with everyone you know!  Have a party and watch the film together!  It will be the best time you will ever have!!!!!

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