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Friday, June 03, 2016

Changing a Few Things In Your Life Can Help You Lose Weight!

Changing a Few Things In Your Life Can Help You Lose Weight!

 photo 13301495_10101828222469698_5004641773806591314_o_zpsqdgehzn1.jpg
June 1, 2015

 photo 13350483_10101828220224198_8378025860282777986_o_zpsx0fd6taa.jpg
June 2, 2016

For years I ran three miles daily and did very little weight lifting.  I took a few months off of running and the gym, one year ago I decided to get back to the gym five times a week.

I never lifted weights before last year other than a few bench presses and curls.  Since I wanted to drop a few pounds, I thought that adding weight training would be a good way.  So I started to lift.  Slow at first with smaller weights, then as time went on, I added a more weights.   I would run a mile, then do my weight training.

Soon I could feel my biceps get stronger.  Then other muscles.  During this time I changed my running technique to landing on the forefoot instead of my heel like I did for years.  I was now a slower runner, but I feel so much better after running.  Running only one mile instead of three miles is less stress on my legs and I was looking forward to run again!

As the months went by, I would notice more improvement.   I stopped timing my runs, and that helped me not to worry about my time.  I could run for fun.  If it was a fast mile, great, if it was a slow one, that was cool too.

I also cut out breads from my diet.  Instead of eating a loaf of bread in a week or so, I now eat about two to four slices of bread a week.  Also I started to cook more at home.  So in a few months I dropped some weight.

I feel that many people try to drop weight too fast.  The fad diets don't last.  Eat less, better and do a moderate workout.  That's it.  If you think you can drop 30 pounds in a month and keep it off, I feel that you are wrong.  Losing 2-4 pounds a month, it will stay off for a longer time.

So after a year, I am down 20-25 pounds.  I hope to drop another 10-15 pounds this year.  As you get closer to your ideal weight, you lose less weight.

By changing my workout to something that I didn't dread and a few small diet changes, I dropped a few pounds.  I knew that it took me a while to gain weight, so it will take a while to lose it.  Slow and steady wins the race.

If you feel like you need to lose some weight, you can!  Make a plan, and work on it.  If you make a mistake,  move on to your next day and do better.  If you can't workout or eat perfect one day, it is not the end of the world.  It is the small positive things that can make some big differences in your life!

Here are before and after photos.

 photo 642015_zpsfejaigy0.jpg
June 4, 2015

 photo 13316923_10101827340282608_6371740668458896939_o_zpsiyn9l3vm.jpg
May 31, 2016

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