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Friday, July 31, 2015

Once In A Blue Moon

Once In A Blue Moon

 photo 11822952_10101482062841368_4880255311050551332_o_zps8c4ky4aq.jpg

Taking photos, looking at the Moon, this one is the 'once in a Blue Moon' we all heard about since we were little.  During my life, I have seen the Moon on many nights.  Each one is special to me.

 photo 11838698_10101482063055938_8866789194394841608_o_zpsfwfhtobk.jpg

Seeing a Full Moon, everyone stops and looks.  It happens only once a month.  Some months, you may not see the Moon due to clouds or rain.  So when you actually see a Full Moon, there is something so compelling.  Perhaps it's in our DNA, we must look at the Moon.

 photo 11219559_10101482062731588_3614128509129426569_o_zpsnjv4yyih.jpg

Tomorrow the Full Moon will be gone.  It may still look like a Full Moon, however it isn't.  And as the days and weeks past, it fades out.  Returning about a month later to it's full state.  Seeing the Full Moon reminds us that life moves on, it may return where we can see it.  It may not.  That is life.  That is waiting for a Full Moon.  Then there is waiting on a Blue Moon.  Those come around less.  So treat them special, like all of those happy memories that make you smile.

Here is a Video of the Blue Moon:
Blue Moon On Friday - 7-31-2015

Here are some other cool photos I took this month.

 photo 11779818_10101474306165808_2664302219579629127_o_zps2h3bpgr6.jpg

 photo 11053095_10101474306145848_8556004464385534555_o_zpsmzv7q7ly.jpg

 photo 11794260_10101474306175788_6307580384544293277_o_zpsppm3tapz.jpg

 photo 11722349_10101466474066398_2238549860530173192_o 1_zpstagv7btt.jpg

 photo 11221426_10101466474061408_6223867659828073311_o_zpsaz6kvwft.jpg

 photo 11709995_10101466474056418_3419638671750148943_o_zpsqe42cwdk.jpg

 photo 11110444_10101471042266688_7694141007930776723_o_zpsyppxxemi.jpg

 photo 11731717_10101475044296588_6855568624294545821_o_zpsmynwxbgd.jpg

 photo 11802575_10101477744684988_5588781665118645479_o_zpszau8czlm.jpg

 photo 11779837_10101477744689978_4170193300383497464_o_zpsummpvm3b.jpg

 photo 11707770_10101467400948918_4453208397618367795_o_zps4ixoshde.jpg

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