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Sunday, May 31, 2015

East Texas Rainy May

East Texas Rainy May

 photo 17732331488_93aa31e520_o_zpsvewwm24p.jpg

It has rained here in East Texas about every day or so in the month of May.  I have lived here for over twenty years and have never seen it rain like this.  A few years back we had a drought in East Texas, well today we do not have a drought anywhere in Texas!

There has been a deluge of water flowing in the streets.  A clear day one minute, the next the clouds cry out gallons of water that flood the roads and drainage systems.  It can be pouring rain, then a minute later it stops and the sun comes out, bringing high humidity with it.

Thunder claps wake you at three in the morning.  Your cellphone sings out the emergency broadcast system 1000 Hz tone warning of severe weather in the local area.  It may be a flash flood warning or a tornado watch.  And after a few minutes to a few hours, it is over until the next time your cellphone sings the 1000 Hz.

Water is required for life.  Too much water destroys life.  What we need is a balance of rain and sun in East Texas.  A paradox, we need the rain, however not all of the rainfall totals in a year in one month.  I am sure we will have more green pines trees after all of this rain.

 photo 17920702468_35575d4a4c_o_zpsngi6ycfj.jpg
Lighting in East Texas!

 photo 17695038633_8abf2b3001_o_zpsgnq35xcb.jpg
You can see the rain drops hit the sidewalk.

 photo 18289349976_38706284a8_o_zpsrh5io51h.jpg
The rain does give you a great opportunity to take some great photos!

 photo 18127809660_00c1bcdd1e_o_zpsv3iztsmx.jpg
You can see the rain in the bokeh.

 photo 17262310403_e741cff15e_o_zps4gbtpnyt.jpg
A rare non raining day this month in East Texas.

 photo 17695173030_934e2aafab_o_zpsyiuig1xq.jpg
There is always time to rock out!

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