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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Time I Was Abducted By A UFO and Space Aliens

The Time I Was Abducted By A UFO and Space Aliens
 photo ufo2_zps73ee29cd.jpg

Don't think I ever told you the tale about my close encounter of the third kind or maybe it is the fourth kind.  Well anyways, I spent some time on a UFO and kicked it with some space aliens.

The story starts when I was walking around a park about to jam on my guitar.  Then the day turned to night and there was an UFO.  So I took a photo in front of it with my axe!

 photo 280326_10100233273674868_480127056_o_zps77249eef.jpg

That was going to make for one cool Facebook profile photo if I didn't have too many photos to upload it.  So the space aliens opened up the door and my guitar was gone and I was in different clothes.  I was walking around a corridor in the UFO, it was really cool, like walking around in a video game.  I was like in awe and could not believe my good luck.  So I took a photo of the inside of the ship!

 photo 1528650_10100947357654848_8542411526328930100_n_zpsd4f68bdf.jpg

As I walked around I saw space aliens.  They are pretty much like us, they would sit down and try to enjoy life.  They looked like they were having fun.

 photo 10312537_10100948005296968_1347533746450325358_n_zps4898a2b8.jpg

Then all of a sudden the UFO started to shake!  It was taking off! The space aliens were taking me to their home world.  It only took a second!  I took a photo of the wormhole outside the ship, we were second in line to go through the wormhole.  The space aliens told me they are working on another wormhole to help with traffic.

 photo UFOandTimeHole_zps0b55f5df.jpg

Then after a few seconds the UFO went through the wormhole.  It was cool.  You could see your whole life before your eyes.  Then the UFO stopped and we were on their planet!  So I took a photo of it.

 photo 10485143_10100948005641278_7304944094488316567_n_zps72873c37.jpg

The space aliens wanted to check and see if I was ok.  So they took me to the hospital.  It is the building to the right.  The hospital was a lot like one on Earth, I had to wait to see the space alien doctor.  They took a photo for me since I was being examined.

 photo 10343490_10100947357914328_8253491158936490651_n1_zpsc6e40b1d.jpg

My check up was A Plus Good so the space aliens took me to their UFO.  We talked for a while.  They actually knew about Star Trek and Star Wars!  So we had a lot to talk about on our journey back to Earth.

 photo 10366035_10100947357629898_9174158603186314581_n_zps41682104.jpg

Then there was an explosion!  The alarms went off, smoke was in the air, it was scary!  The space aliens asked me if I could help them pilot the UFO do to all of my experience watching Star Trek.  They knew that I had the skills because of all of this training.  So of course I helped out, especially  since the space aliens were so nice to me!

 photo 10516773_10100948010366808_4728131426343180696_n_zps184dcea7.jpg

So I took the helm and helped straighten out the UFO.  Slowly the smoke clear then finally the alarms ended.  It was a smooth ride...until...

 photo 10364095_10100948010381778_3409895459101658810_n_zps03571ae7.jpg

A wormhole came out of no where!  The space alien typed a few buttons and we were in the clear once again.  Then the UFO started to shake!  This time ten times harder then before!  There was a crash!

 photo 5f8f6c6c-01e3-4c95-9430-17bfb14bbe03_zpsf246d95a.jpg

The space alien and myself ran in the UFO trying to find a way out.  At one point I was about to give up.  Then we saw a hint of light through the smoke!

 photo 10418526_10100948005306948_6159445120151361187_n_zpsf9eb0af1.jpg

The space alien beat me out of the UFO.  Slowly I followed the smoke and found an opening so I could escape from the broken UFO.  I stuck my head out and turned around then I saw it.  The place that never was suppose to exist.

 photo 10455651_10100948005541478_2026033679292776735_n_zps716bebfc.jpg

This was the first time I saw the space alien look sick.  There was no where to go.  The agents from Area 51 came and got us.

 photo 10352978_10100948005471618_7371383186938378849_n_zpsa5baeb08.jpg

They took the space alien and myself to the Area 51 hospital.   They told me I was fine and that I could leave.  I asked them if I could tell my new friend, the space alien, goodbye.  The agents walked me over and I took this photo.  It was the last time I saw my friend.  I hope he got better and got to go home.  Guess I'll never know.  This was the last place I saw at Area 51 before they took me home.

 photo IMG_9752_zpsa5e745b7.jpg

Well that is it!  I think about flying in space and saving the UFO from the wormhole from time to time.  It was fun and challenging, I wish I had a UFO.  Wait a minute!  I never got my guitar back from the space aliens!  Guess I better get back out there and get it back!  Rock and roll ain't easy you know!

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