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Friday, January 31, 2014

Does It Snow in East Texas? Yes

Does It Snow in East Texas?  Yes
 photo 966150_10100778099808928_2114493282_o_zpsa48d38f6.jpg
Finally Rockin' Out in the Snow after a three year hiatus.

Snow.  We don't get to see a lot of it in East Texas.  For me when the rare occasion of snow hits us, I go out and enjoy it.  Snow, of course is mainly water, so if I get snow on my shoes, my shoes get wet.  Then my socks get wet.  Snow is basically water that looks cool and is cold.

Life comes and passes so fast. When it snows, make time for it.  You may never see it again.  You may see snow all of the time.  One can never tell in this world.  It will be snowing somewhere if you want to make the journey.

Seeing the snow again made me happy.  I was smiling because it reminds me of my youth when I did see snow a bit more than I do now.  Snow still gets my shoes and clothes wet after it melts.  I might was well go out into the next rain shower and stand in it and smile.  I'll smile if it is a warm day outside.   Not so much if it is a cold day out.

Hope you all enjoyed the snow if you got a chance to see it!  If not, there is always tomorrow!   Then the day after next week too!

Here are some cool photos of me!
 photo 1599835_10100770017490958_1065096479_o_zpsb7f6abe1.jpg
That's snow!

 photo 1009501_10100772975338408_1909492032_o_zps3a04ebd7.jpg
Standing on a Street.

 photo 1496272_10100765385912678_1366534992_o_zps06d3b6b4.jpg
I'm ready for the 1950's.

 photo 894023_10100778098880788_1251961673_o_zps63b2f59d.jpg
Stilling Rockin' Out.

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