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Monday, September 30, 2013

Busy Or Not Busy?

Busy Or Not Busy?
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Today it is easy to feel and be busy.
So many things to do, so little time to do them all.
Once time moved more slowly, now it happens at the same time.

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Is life flashing past you?  Does it feel like the whole world is
flashing before your eyes?  Turn away, it is all gone.  We are
just too busy to see it rush by.

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A dark cloud floats to a region unknown to most.  White fluffy
pieces of cotton in a sea of grey.  Turn away and what once
filled the sky has shifted to an ocean of blue.

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Day turns to night.  The busy cars race through the air.  Were
they always moving so quick, or did the cars go faster and faster until
only a blur can be seen?

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Sitting, waiting, looking for the time to breathe.  When did
life get so busy?  Perhaps if we took more time to pause and
look at the world we would all be a bit less busy.

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Once we look at the world at peace, what once we had to do to
appear busy fades away.  Images turn to shadows.  Shadows into
us asking for us to not forget the truth.

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Rock and roll!

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