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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Rise of The Robots!

The Rise of The Robots! Photobucket

This summer I am shooting my first Sci-Fi feature film. I wrote the screenplay last year and was hoping to shoot it last year, however one year later I was green lit to make "The Rise of The Robots".

Over the last five years I have been a part of five feature films. The one thing that is paramount in making a film is preproduction.

If you are making a film you have to have preproduction. Most folks think that shooting the film is the hard part, and it can have difficult moments. There are three parts to making a film, preproduction, principle photography and postproduction. The first and the last are the most time consuming.

What is preproduction? That is where you plan out everything, locations, props, wardrobe, hoisting and travel for talent, paperwork, etc. it is everything that you have to do to make sure your principle photography can happen. It's a lot of hard work!

After principle photography, you go into post. Editing the film, scoring, audio and everything else to make the film awesome.

A shadow of what is to come this summer! Photobucket

This summer we have worked hard to have preproduction done correctly. We have a great department heads that have worked hard and have all gone beyond the call of duty. Preproduction for this film started back in February. The last month we have amped up preproduction.

I love this script, the actors are the best, the production designer is amazing, I can't wait to show you some photos later you will not believe your eyes, the robot designer has made a robot that will blow you away, the DP has the best break down I have ever seen and the AD has a schedule dotted to the T!

Building the UFO. Photobucket

If great preproduction means that we will have a great film, we will have the best film ever made in East Texas! It will blow your mind what we have planned for you all. I can't even begin to add the hours put in so far in this film.

We would love to have you as an extra, filming is June 4-July 3. Email us if you want to be an extra in this incredible film! Once you seen it, you will be proud you did!


This is how big the UFO will be. Photobucket

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