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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Walking into the Unknown

Walking into the Unknown.

Every day you wake up, there is a bit of the unknown. Once you walk out of your door and the sun falls on you, you have many decisions to make. Some are better than others, some are bad and some or neutral.

Life is a wonderful place, however you have to live it to find it. In today's world, with all the techno toys and super highways of unstopping data, you may forget to stop and hear the Earth breathe.

The wind that rushes pass your face, the smell of flowers and the warmth of the sun on your skin, should remind you what the important things in life are to us. Zeros and ones that you can't hold lack the spirit of that which is tangible.

When fog rushes in your life, it can rush out just as fast. Keep your eye on what is truly important. In a billion years, what thought will exist if a zero and one is all that remains and the human soul is lost in a web of wires of silicon.

I have hope for humanity, that is will one day grow out of it's infancy. Only time will tell, many moons from now.

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