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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rockin' To Freedom

Rockin' To Freedom

Freedom. What is freedom? Is it a ride on your bike with the wind on your face? A song that rocks harder than ever? Walking a path to find yourself? It could be anything. In my case, it could be a song or film I made. A great metal guitar solo?

Do you have freedom? Does anyone truly have freedom or is it a state of mind? Can you be happy anywhere, then perhaps you have freedom no matter where you are. Is there joy in your heart to rock out and smile? Is that freedom? What's your freedom?

Maybe freedom is being able to walk into a place and wish everyone a good day with a big smile and truly feel it! Freedom can equal happiness. Does happiness equal freedom?

I'm not for sure however all I can say is life is a better ride with a smile in your heart and face. Smiles work better than anything else. You pass that smile on to someone that is sad, they'll pass it on too.

Keepin' It Real with a Smile in my Heart!

Go out there and be free! Enjoy this world, it's the only one you have. And in the end does anything really matter? Three billion years from now, will anyone even care what you did or where you have been? I would say not.

So rock on, enjoy the freedom of the world you live in! We are all lucky to be here, to enjoy this crazy thing called life! Live it with all the happiness in the world! Smiles for the world! :)

Rockin Out

Here a song to rock out to!
"Number One!" - Punk Rock Music Video

This is a Social Commentary art film.
How to Make 5 Bucks an Hour for 12 hours Straight

Art Film
Leaves Falling - In Slow Motion

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