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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

U.K. Trip (Part 5)

Me Rocking out in front of Abbey Road Studios
U.K. trip 5-23-06

Link to Photos.

Today is my last full day in London and it was a beautiful day out so I went back to Abbey Road. I have wanted to record a few music videos in front of the Abbey Road Studios and crosswalk. Since this was a nice day, it wasn’t raining, it was a perfect day for this.

I got on the Tube and walked to Abbey Road Studios. Many people were taking photos in front of the crosswalk. So I set up the camcorder in front of the Abbey Road Studios across the street to get a good view of it. I rocked out on a few tunes and had a few folks listen to me.

Then I walked across the crosswalk to sing some Beatles songs in front to the studio. While I was there I decided to recorded a few more of my songs. I got a few people to take some photos of me rocking out.

I met a dude from Russia that I didn’t understand except he was a Beatles fan. I took some photos of some nice folks from Maryland and another dude from Australia. There was a Maryleborne Station that was a set for “A Hard Day’s Night” that I was going to next. I told him about it and he followed me there. On the way he told me about Australia. I got there and took a few photos, the famous scene is from the beginning of the movie where Paul is wearing a mustache hiding under a newspaper as a crowd of girls ran by. And I was now there!

Then I came to the hotel to drop off my guitar and decided to go to one more museum before I leave London. On the Tube once again. I got off at the South Kensington Station and I arrived at the Victoria and Albert Museum. There is over seven miles of exhibits in this museum! Seven miles! Wow! I saw some great items and exhibits, I would like to go back again.

I stayed until they closed and I walked around and there are many other museums there. Outside I saw some German bombing damage. I walked by the Imperial College and the Royal School of Music. Across the street there was the Royal Albert Hall that Eric Clapton was performing. Tickets were $60 and $120 so I didn’t go. I may kick myself later, but I have to get ready for Paris tomorrow.

I found a cheap Chinese Buffet and ate, them I took the Tube on a ride. The ride was about twenty-five minutes. I got out and looked around, then I came back to the hotel to get ready for Paris tomorrow.

I hope that I’ll have internet in Paris. If not, I post everything when I get back in the States. I hope that you all are well.

Here are a few Music Videos shot on Abbey Road.
I hope that you like them!
Why Did I?
I’m a Nerd

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