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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Do I Play Emo Folk Rock?

I'm not Emo, am I?
I have been hanging out with some friends over the last few days. One of my friends told me that he finished listening to my last CD, More Whatever, and he said it was some type of emo folk rock. Emo? Emo, I can't play emo can I?

My life is great! How can I write emo songs? First what is emo music? Doing a web search on google, emo is emotional music which is emotionally-charged in pretty much any style of music. Ok, so do I write songs that are emotional, yeah. But haven't all of the rock and rollers been doing this since the beginning of rock? Didn't my favorite rocker Buddy Holly write emotional songs too? What about the Beatles or Hall and Oates?

So if by emo you mean I write songs about life, then I'm emo. How can I write songs that aren't full of emotions? Am I a Vulcan? Pick me do I bleed green blood? No.

I know that I can't really sing that well. My guitar playing is fine, but there are many others that can play guitar a lot better. But that doesn't matter. I'm a rock and roller. When I'm on stage you can hear my soul, I try to never hold anything back.

I figured a long time ago that if I held anything back, I wouldn't be true to myself, my art or my fans. So everytime I write a song, I'm using my life experience to write that perfect song. The only way for me to compete with folks that can really sing is to sing my heart out. And I do this each and everytime I'm on stage. This way I can hang with the icons that came before me and my friends that can really sing great.

Emo, Herbert is emo? No I'm a rock and roller and if some of my songs sound like they are emo, then there it is.

And by the way, I schooled Stupid Dufus on Dr. Mario on the gameboy when New Type was in town. I rock and roll and I'm the man at Dr. Mario! I can't be emo!!!!!

See if I'm emo on my artist page at myspace. Spread the word about my emo folk rock.

Go download my More Whatever CD.

And here are a few more songs and videos that I can wrote since the release of my last CD.

Too Good For Her Music Video
7 megs qt mov file

You Can't Look into My Eyes Anymore 9.4megs qt mov file

Goodbye 6.4 megs qt mov file

Roller Coaster 3.9 megs mp3

Goodbye 3.4 megs mp3

You Can't Look into My Eyes Anymore 4.6 megs mp3

She Wants What She Can't Have 3 megs mp3

Not Home Yet 3 megs mp3

Ophelia The Guitar version 3 megs mp3

Ophelia The piano version 3 megs mp3

I Like You a lot, Girl 3.7 mp3

Don't Hurt Me. 3 megs mp3

Why Do you Care?
3 megs mp3

I Like the Way that You Are. 3 megs mp3

How Long,How Short
3 megs mp3

Email me Am I emo?


Justin said...

It is a very admirable quality to be able to completely open yourself up in your music. You do that, and it shows. You have a great gift in being real to who you are and what you're about. I respect you and your music alot for that.

Anonymous said...

I think you totally rock-not only are you a top-notch musician, but you're a top-notch person, as well.
Just be yourself, stick to your guns. There's a lot to be said and admired for the true individualist in the arts, and I think you've got that; as long as you're creating the type of music you love, the type of music that you want to get out to people, then you're communicating to the people honestly, which is a lot more than most "artists" have going for them, especially of the "emo" persuasion.
rock on, bruvva
--chris e.

Anonymous said...

Winning 2 out of 3 rounds is schooling? =)




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