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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Summer is going great

I having a great summer. My classes are going great and I am having fun practicing piano.

While riding my bike, I got stop by a person that said they use to watch me on "Whatever", a local TV show I did with Jerry and Nick about two years ago. I know that he watched it, he remembered the Aquaman debates we had. Those were some great times. Speaking of Jerry, he has his first novel out on Cafepress. I remember that Jerry was one of two people that read my novel, so I am going to read his. I'm so happy for him. He also wrote a short story in the Remo Williams' world that has my name and Nick's name in it. Destroyer World: New Blood It is cool to have my name in a Remo Williams' story!

I have also made a lot of movies and working on the stormtrooper fan film.
I got hit by a paintball during a test and we caught it on film. Don't worry, it didn't hurt too much and you can see how good a shot I am in the video. And plus it is funny.

When Paintball goes wrong. Quicktime 2 megs.

I also wrote another song. I did a Garage band version and a folk version. Which one do you like. I really like this song a lot. I hope do too. Look for a video soon and my new CD!

How long has it been folk version 5 megs MP3

How long has it been Garage band version 5 megs MP3

Wait until I shoot the paintball gun!
Dave, the T-shirt you made me looks great on tape!

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