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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Goodbye Mr. Scott

Today James Doohan, or Chief Engineer Montgomery (Scotty) Scott of the U.S.S. Enterprise, died today at the age of 85. Of all the characters from the Enterprise, his character has had and will continue to have the biggest influence on humanity.

As time goes by, we will continue benefit from Scotty. There is no telling how many engineers, programers and scientists have been influence by Mr. Scott. Today we have affordable computers, cell phones that look like communicators and other portable devices that look and act like tricorder. Most of them are thanks to the influence of Mr. Scott.

One day when we have transporters, warp drive and travel back and forth to the Moon, Mars and beyond, it will be due to the influence of Mr. Scott.

For the whole time that I have worked at SFA, I have had a Mr. Scott action figure watch the computer lab for me when I'm not there. I trust no one else. Thank you Mr. Scott, I played Amazing Grace for you on my guitar as you did for Mr. Spock in Star Trek II. We will all miss you.

Captain's Log out....

Here I am looking toward the future,
a future that Mr. Scott will help make better.



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