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Friday, May 13, 2005

Sith vs Jedi

I was at open mike night, and I was invited to battle as a Sith in the Free Speech area. They were mostly Theatre folks, so I decided to get dress up. I thought about my Stormtrooper armor, but I have to battle Jedi so I decided to go as the ultimate Sith, Vader.

I put on my cape and Vader Helmet and they had no idea who I was. It was great, they all flipped out when I took off the Helmet.

I had fun, they were playing capture the flag. I battled and had fun. I think that a lot of them were intimated by Lord Vader. Cool!

Many thanks to all the Jedi and Sith that allowed me to join in the fun. You can now tell your grandkids that you fought with or against Vader!

Me and the Sith and Jedi. Man I look cool!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Midgley,
This is Greg. I was a Jedi in the big battle. Is it possible to get these pictures sent to me @ full size? If so, that'd be awesome.

-Greg (Qui Duck Jin) Garcia
Jedi Master




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