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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

Well the day that we have all been waiting for has happen. Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith was released at midnight. Tk560 has been working for years to make it possible to have multiple trooper suits ready to go.

I had a meeting that I attended and right after that I went to the movies to get us all tickets. I got there about 4:00. They were sold out! They started to sell tickets at 3:30 and were sold out by 3:45! I was told that about nine people bought all of the tickets. Oh well.

I talked to the fans, most of which were kiddos that were still in high school. They were fighting each other with lightsabers. The news van pulled up and they asked about the trooper armor. So I went home and put it on for them. They interviewed me and took some photos of me walking around. I made the nightly news, once again.

I went to TK560's house after that and told the guys that the movie was sold out. That didn't matter, we all still wanted to troop around. So we all got geared up and went trooping. The four of us walking around was cool. A few teenage jedi hit us with lightsabers, but most were cool. After a short while they all calmed down.

One of the managers pulled us in and asked if we had tickets. We said that we didn't. She sold us four tickets. Cool. So we trooped around some more. We trooped near the street and waved at people driving. We got a lot of honks.

We had a few folks yell out stupid remarks but for the most part every one was cool. If you don't like Star Wars, you can be a civilized person. All well, it is all cool. What goes around....

We went in the the movies and trooped in there. A lot of folks took photos with there cell phones of us. The super fans are cool. They all want to know where did you get the suit. They all are amazed when we tell them we made them. Twenty eight months TK560 has been working on this project. I have only been working four months on this project.

It was fun to see the movie will all of the super fans. It makes the movie experience better. I enjoyed the movie. If you want to see it, let me know, I'll go again.

Here is a 30 second video of us trooping around.
Four Troopers at the Movies

The four Troopers
Can you figure out which one is me?

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Andy said...

Can't wait to see you in the Buzz.



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