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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Stormtrooper Update Three

Well TK560 and I did some more work on my Stormtrooper armor. So far the top half is done and all that is left is the legs. It is hard work, which TK560 has done most of the work, I only do some of the cutting and gluing parts together.

This has been a great learning experience for me. Since I have been a big Sci-Fi fan, it is cool to see how hard it is to make the props for these movies. The plot artist have make cool stuff most of the time with no money. I am learning but when I go to the store I now look at things to see if I could make something from them.

Here are the latest photos!

Am I too short to be a Stormtrooper?
Let me know what you think.
Email me.


kat00 said...

It's kinda hard to know if you're tall enough not knowing all the facts.
How tall are Stormtroopers supposed to be on average?
How tall are you?

Anonymous said...

Hey cool beans!
Your always be my fav singer!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! you gonna start hitting the Sci-fi con circuit?
Friend from the frozen north,

Herbert said...

I'm way under six foot.

I think that most troopers were about 6foot 2inches.

I'm shorter than Luke Skywalker!!




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