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Friday, January 07, 2005

Welcome Call For Help

I have just got an Email from someone that saw my website on "Call for Help".
If you saw it in Canada, please post here and tell me what Amber said about my website.

If you haven't, go hear my "I'm a Nerd" song.

Thanks and I hope to go to Canada one day and meet all of you friendly folks.

Me in East Texas.


Anonymous said...

Herb, you rock in Canada, you rock anywhere! BTW, in case I didn't get the chance to tell you, that was an awesome set last night at Rita's...just hearing "867-5309 Jenny" for the first time in forever put me in a damn good mood. BTW...I'm getting finished writing stuff for my demo...you'll be the first to get a copy!
--Chris Edwards

Herbert said...


Thanks man. That is a great song. I have to play once a month from now on.

I just watched the CFH and I am stoked that Leo, Andy and Amber dig my music!! The only thing is that the nerd song doesn't sound like "Here Comes the Sun".

I have to post a photo of Leo holding a picture of me.



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